Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolving to Live a New, God-driven Life.

It's the New Year. The time when everyone is making New Year's Resolutions... vowing to lose weight, save money, be a better person. Well. I hate giving into peer pressure, but I have some resolutions to make. Although, I think that I will call them guidelines, because ultimately, I do not dictate who I am. God is in control. He might have a better plan for me. 

But here it is in no particular order: 

2013 New Year's Guidelines (Or things that I think I should be doing)
1. Put God first. 
2. Affirm myself. Find things that I like about myself and remind myself where I stand in God's eyes.
3. Surround myself with positive people and supports and get rid of those who aren't.
4. Recognize and respond to my needs. 
5. Nurture myself in ways that do not involve food or other people. 
6. Be more mindful. 
7. Learn yoga. 
8. Seek help when it is needed or before it is needed. 
9. Write more. 
10. Be active. 
11. Eat more veggies. 
12. Make someone else's day. 
13. Get out of bed. 
14. Make time to spend alone with Jesus. 
15. Make and keep a budget.
16. Catch negative self talk. 
17. Procrastinate less. 
18. Keep drama in perspective. 
19. Say no. 
20. Learn how to knit. 
21. Start a tradition. 
22. Take care of myself.
23. Live life in the present. 
24. Spend some time without technology. 
25. Enjoy nature more. 
26. Explore. 
27. Spend time with friends and really get to know them. 
28. Make a bucket list and start to accomplish it. 
29. Keep in touch with old friends. 
30. Be grateful.