Sunday, February 17, 2013

Swing Dancing with Jesus.

Last night, I experienced swing dancing for the first time in my life.  It was so amazing.  The feeling of not having to be in control and letting another person lead me was so refreshing.  It was so good.

For someone like me, who always feels the need to be in control of everything, it was very difficult to relax and let another lead.  But I did.  I learned how to trust my brothers and sisters.

And it taught me a lot about Jesus, too.

See, being in a relationship with Jesus is a lot like swing dancing.  You have to let your partner lead.  You have to trust him to do so.  But you also have to dance along with him.  You can't just stand there and let him do all of the work.  You need to follow his movements, but let him control yours.

At one part of the night, I was dancing with a very experienced brother in Christ.  Me, being very inexperienced, had to relax and trust him to be in control.  I let him control the spins and guide my movements.  He would spin me three times one direction and then with a simple touch on my back, he would spin me the other way.

With Jesus, we can be spinning one direction and then all of a sudden, he can touch us and spin us the other way.  He's the master.  Focus must remain on him.  On letting him lead.  On trusting him.

And if we trust him and let him lead, then we will have a beautiful dance and a beautiful life that glorifies our Father.